You’ve done the research.  You know you want to help future parents grow their family.   You believe becoming a surrogate will be a great opportunity to achieve financial dreams for your family…  But you have been disqualified as a surrogate!  Oh no!

Well, you are not alone. Nearly 85% of women who apply to become a surrogate are disqualified from the process.   The requirements to become a surrogate are very complex and include a flawless medical history + a flawless social history + being the right age + maintaining a healthy weight + living in a surrogate friendly location.   Meeting all of the criteria to become a surrogate is actually pretty difficult.

Disqualified for Medical Reasons 

The surrogate screening process is very detailed.   The agency needs to have clear picture of your medical history, and this involves collecting all medical records and reviewing them in detail.   A few common reasons to be disqualified for medical reasons involve:

Any history of pregnancy complications.

Being under or overweight, read more  Your weight (BMI) and Surrogacy – Ask Me About Surrogacy

Significant history of anxiety or depression or other mental health issues, especially requiring medications during pregnancy.   Anxiety and depression are not always disqualifying factors, but if there is a long pattern of requiring medications for treatment it can result in being disqualified or requiring additional screening steps such as a clearance letter from your mental health provider. 

History of other medical conditions that could be problematic for a pregnancy such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer etc.

Disqualified for Social Reasons

Another common reason to be disqualified as a surrogate would be for social reasons.   Some common concerns are:

History of unstable romantic relationships, such as going through a divorce, being separated, being in a child custody dispute, or even starting a new relationship.   Read more, Surrogacy and Significant Others – Ask Me About Surrogacy

History of drug, nicotine or alcohol abuse.

Not having a support system nearby, such as if you recently moved to a new city and you haven’t made friends yet and you don’t have family nearby.  Surrogacy takes a village, you can expect to need help with your children during appointments as well as at the time of delivery, also in the event you have any medical complications. 

Financially unstable, such as requiring government assistance for housing.   When a surrogate is not financially stable enough to have lasting housing there can be questions as to if the surrogate was financially coerced into the process.   There is also a risk to the surrogate losing her government assistance coverage due to the compensation she begins to earn through surrogacy.

If you have been disqualified as a surrogate, there may be a chance you can be approved at a future time.   For example, if you are currently overweight and you work to lose weight you may be approved, or if you are on government assistance and you become more financially stable.   Our team of experts are ready to dig deep and help you achieve your goals, reach out today to learn more. 

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